Kolapore Uplands Community Church of the Nazarene

ABOUT US: Outdoors: Our rural church is located in the scenic Blue Mountain country near the Kolapore Trails, just 5.5 kilometers south of Ravenna on Grey Road 2, or 11 kilometres north of Feversham. Atop the hill behind our church we have erected a 35' cross, hence the name "Calvary Kolapore Church". From that vantage point hikers can appreciate the breath-taking view of the natural beauty which surrounds us, or take time for quiet reflection and prayer.

Indoors: Our facility is wheelchair accessible, with the main floor being multi-functional in usage. The original stone sanctuary built 1882 has been renovated into parsonage living quarters.

Beliefs: Historically, we adhere to the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed.

Denominationally, our church belongs to the international Church of the Nazarene (For additional information, check out the website at www.nazarene.org)

Practically and functionally, our congregants come from a variety of different denomination backgrounds, resulting in a generic and tolerant blend of traditions and personal convictions.